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Sarah's Fabrics is located in the heart of historic
downtown Lawrence. Our distinctiveness is in the
services we offer and our expansive, diverse
selection of natural fiber fabrics. We still cut our
fabrics the old fashioned way - by pulling a
thread to give our customers grain-perfect yardage.

Sarah's has been in business since 1973 and
serves a regional, national and international
audience. We love to ship to our dedicated
customers from around the world.

In 2001, Sarah doubled the space of the store
and worked with rehabilitation expert David
Millstein to uncover the incredible historic
structure of the building. The restoration, in
unveiling the original tin ceiling, wood floor and
stone wall, created a spacious and glorious
space to showcase the fabrics. Small leaded
glass panes add "arts and crafts" detail to the storefront and an original pillar stamped
"Lawrence Ironworks", circa 1900, highlights
the entrance. Sarah hired a local sculptor/artisan to design and build fixtures from pine paneling
recycled from her original store.